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What is a YouTube Channel?

Why do people always want to know what channels are? Maybe it’s because they’re such a huge part of YouTube. They’re the equivalent of TV channels- little mini-stations dedicated entirely to one or two subjects.

No matter how big or small, every channel has something special about it, whether it’s in the way they talk about their subject matter or in the kind of content they provide viewers with. And once again: what is a channel for?

They’re basically personal TV stations that only you can control. If you really love, say, cars or cooking or funny pranks, then creating a channel about one of those things is the easiest way to meet other people who share your interests! And even if you don’t have anything to talk about yet, well, all the more reason to start one now.

Even if it’s just talking about what TV shows are coming out soon or discussing what happens in today’s top sports news stories, at least there will be some consistency and regularity- which is always important when trying to build an audience online. After all, nothing makes it easier than having a channel that delivers its daily dose of videos exactly when your viewers want them!

How to Make a YouTube Channel?

So where do you start when wanting to make a channel on YouTube?

Create a channel

Creating a channel requires some basic information such as what category your channel falls under and who will be in charge of it. just like any other page on the internet, youtube channels must have an owner. once someone owns the account, they can add permission for others to post videos/comments/subscriptions, etc.

Add fun stuff!

Here comes the most exciting part- adding all the goodies that make up the meat and potatoes of your new YouTube home base. Start with a cool icon or banner, then move on to a great opening title card introducing people to it.

You can even build your own playlist to put all the videos you want to feature in the order you choose! Make sure everything looks and sounds exactly how you want it before moving on.

Add channels that will be featured on your channel’s page so people know where to go if they want more information about a topic.

Start posting!

Once everything is set up, all you have to do is start uploading those fun YouTube videos and adding them to your playlist like a real pro! Just make sure that:

Your first video should be an introduction explaining who you are and what you’re going to talk about- People need to know why they should subscribe and keep watching!

Every single video after that needs an accurate description as well as tags- These tags are used to help other users find your video when using YouTube’s search engine. They should be unique, descriptive, and creative!

Try to include keywords that relate to both the title of your videos as well as its description- You really want people to actually watch your videos once they’re done searching for what you have to say!

Once you’ve made sure all these things are taken care of, uploading is a piece of cake! Make sure you remember to include links back to your social media pages so viewers can find more information about you!

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