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Add an End Screen to Promote Content on Youtube

As a content creator on YouTube, one of your main objectives is to increase engagement and encourage viewers to interact with your channel. Adding end screens or cards to your videos is an excellent way to achieve this goal.

End screens are a feature on YouTube that allows you to display a visually appealing call-to-action in the final 30 seconds of your video. This is a significant improvement over the older "annotations" feature, which could be intrusive and annoying to viewers.

End screens and cards are a much more natural way to encourage engagement, and they can be customized to suit your specific needs. For example, you could use an end screen to promote your other videos, encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, or highlight a specific product or service.

To add an end screen to your video, you'll need to go to the YouTube Studio and select the video you want to edit. From there, click on the "End Screen & Annotations" tab and choose the type of end screen you want to add. You can add elements such as video or playlist links, subscribe buttons, and more.

It's essential to remember that end screens and cards should be used strategically to avoid overwhelming your viewers. You should only include relevant and valuable information that will benefit your audience.