What is Youtube?

Youtube is a video hosting site that allows users to upload videos for free. It was created in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who were all PayPal employees at the time. The idea of Youtube came from two previous attempts at creating a similar concept of the site which had failed before they finally succeeded with Youtube.

What is Youtube?

Features of Youtube

Youtube has many features that allow users to interact and engage with each other. Some of these include:

  • Channel – This allows you to upload your videos onto a specific channel. For example, if you were an artist who wanted to share all their artwork on one social media website, having a channel would be the best option for you! Channels also contain information about the user such as their bio and website. A channel is like having your own personal TV network that people can watch and subscribe to!
  • Comments – This section allows users to write their feedback, opinions, and suggestions for videos under each individual video uploaded by other users.
  • Favorites – This feature allows users to save and remember videos that they really like. It also allows you to come back to the video at a later date to watch it again!
  • Playlists – This feature gives users the option of making thumbnails for their favorite videos and watching them in order or randomly chosen by Youtube itself.
  • Subscriptions – This is where all your subscriptions will be listed so you can see which new videos have been added by people you follow! You can subscribe and unsubscribe from other users and share your favorite channels with your friends!  

Youtube Popularity

So why do people keep coming back? It’s safe to assume that there are hundreds of thousands of channels on YouTube alone with millions upon millions of videos on them- so how do people know which ones are worth watching?

It all comes down to your audience, of course. As long as you’re making the kinds of videos that people actually want to watch, they’ll keep tuning in! How can you find out what kinds of things they like? There are a few different options that work for new channels:

Views/likes/subscribers- If your video is doing really well with views or likes or subscribers, then go ahead and make more just like it! People obviously love it enough to keep coming back for more. If not…

The comments section is where you get real information about what viewers think. What did they enjoy most about the content you provided? What did they not like? What would they like to see more of? Getting this kind of information is invaluable when putting together future videos so pay attention!

All in all, Youtube’s success boils down to one thing: providing high-quality content that viewers enjoy watching. If you can do that, you’re bound to keep growing- and hopefully, even make money off of it somewhere along the way!

Benefits of Using Youtube to Normal Users?

Youtube allows users to create their own channel and upload videos that they themselves have created. This is beneficial for the following reasons:

It gives you, as a user, the ability to be creative by creating or participating in videos. It also gives you the option of sharing your opinion with others who might find it interesting!

The ability to save time by watching videos instead of scrolling through an entire website trying to find something to watch. By using Youtube, you know exactly where all your favorite content will be located!

Having access to almost any type of video under one site is extremely beneficial for people who do not want to waste time searching many different sites just for one particular video. Instead, everything can be found on Youtube!

Benefits of Using Youtube to Businesses and Corporations

Youtube is beneficial for businesses and corporations because it allows them to reach out to a large audience. They can promote their product or service by creating their own channel, or they can upload existing videos that they might have already produced. This will help people know about your business and what you can do for them!

YouTube has over one billion users all over the world that are able to view the content uploaded onto this site. Using something like Youtube would be extremely helpful in getting your business known worldwide!  

Having a channel on Youtube gives you the ability to interact with your customers, keeping them up-to-date with any events being held by your business.

It allows you to educate your customers, potential and current, on what makes your business unique and how it can benefit them.  

Youtube also allows for a more personal way of interacting with customers because by using the comments section, users are able to write feedback or questions about specific videos which can then be answered! This is beneficial for businesses because not only are they reaching out to people all over the world, but they are also being transparent enough in order to answer any questions that their audience might have.

Advertising on Youtube

You can choose whether or not you want ads on any given Youtube channel, but there are some times when there is no way around them no matter what.

For example, if you were trying to watch a specific video and Youtube decided that it would be best for your viewing experience to show you an ad, you will still have to see one. You can choose which ads appear when watching videos on Youtube!

The effectiveness of advertising on Youtube varies from user to user. It also depends on the type of video you are watching and who your audience is. For example, if the video was for a product aimed towards children, it would make more sense to use YouTube Kids as opposed to YouTube’s general site. Using both sites together would be the most effective way of achieving an audience.

One crucial thing to remember is that every single user sees every ad in the same way. This means that if you are watching a video with advertisements on it, everyone else who watches this video will see the same ads too. The only difference between users when they watch an ad is whether or not they choose to click your video which, once clicked, will direct them to your website.

In conclusion, Youtube is an extremely popular site that people from all over the world visit on a daily basis. There are millions of videos uploaded onto this site every single day which makes it hard for someone who has never been on it before to know where to start!

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