What is the Difference Between a Private and Public Channel on Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging service, similar to WhatsApp. It offers many of the same features as other messaging services, but with a focus on speed and security.

Telegram has been known for its strong encryption since it was founded in 2013 by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. The app also offers public channels that are open to anyone who joins them. All messages sent through these channels are broadcast to all members of the channel- there is no limit to how many people can be added to a channel or how big they can grow over time!

This article will discuss two common types of Telegram Channels: Public Channels and Private Channels. We’ll go over what each type entails, what you should know about running them (and what moderators should know about running them), and which you should choose for your group.

What is a Public Channel?

Public channels are open to anyone that has access to the name of the channel, whether by joining it or finding it on their own. Anyone who joins a public channel will see all messages posted there in real-time (with some exceptions).

What is a Private Channel?

Private channels are simply channels with an additional layer of security: they require any member hoping to join to provide the owner with their phone number before they can participate in the conversation.

The messages sent within private groups are only visible to members of that group- not even admins can see messages posted in a private group if they’re not currently participating in it!

This makes Telegram groups great for organizing events, communicating with moderators, or simply talking about a shared interest with fellow fans.

Running Public / Private Channels

Both public and private channels are moderated by their owners- who can control everything from how many members can join to what cipher is used for encrypting messages sent through the channel!

Public channels are moderated by admins- often users who create the channel in the first place. However, anyone can adopt an abandoned public channel to take over as an admin. As an admin of a Telegram group, you have complete control over whom you let into the channel and what they say once they get there!

Private channels also require one admin to set them up, but if that moderator ever leaves or loses access to the channel, the owner will be notified and can choose whether or not to take over as admin themselves.

Whether you’re looking to create a public Telegram group for your band or simply want to talk with your friends privately on Telegram, there are many uses for this simple service!

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