What is Text For Banner?

The setting “Text For Banner” or “Text Banner” is commonly discovered on the broadband router. The router’s login page contains a text banner, which is a message that can be configured by a user and displayed when someone logs in. In addition, you may use the same design for an entire marketing campaign.

Text for Banner is a notification message from a router. It displays predetermined text when you turn on the router or log in. The messages are generally pre-written into the router’s firmware. This message is for showing a default predefined message by the admin on the welcome screen.

The banner text is a common practice for network managers to send out warnings to people attempting to access their router. Generally, these alarms or warnings are used to warn a hacker from coming into your home.

Of course, a hacker will not cease their activities simply because they were sent a warning. A message may be used to distinguish among numerous routers of the same make and model within an IT infrastructure, as is another approach.

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