What is Meme?

The meme, the memes. If you haven’t heard of them then I suggest that you come out from under your rock and start watching those funny cat gifs on Imgur! But seriously now… memes have been around for a long time now, think about it as an inside joke or a trend here in this generation’s netizens.

Memes are cultural ideas, behaviors, or artistic styles that spread from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as an idea with the power to change people’s opinions and behaviors.

There are many different types of memes, some popular ones being reaction images that evolve into gifs, rage comics, and more. Memes can be used for many purposes including social commentary, humor, or just general entertainment purposes.

Memes are also used by major celebrities to promote their projects.

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Memes offer humor as well as entertainment, they also help us cope up with our daily stress after all there is nothing more relieving than laughing at something funny someone posted online instead of getting angrier at the internet itself.  

There has always been and there will always be a vast and seemingly infinite amount of memes online. The fact that we don’t run out of memes just shows how much the internet itself has evolved into not just an accessible means of communication but also as a platform to express ourselves as individuals as well as communities.

These popular memes become iconic because, as the internet matures as a global community, what makes these iconic (popular) memes stand out is their ability to make us laugh or think about issues from different perspectives.

The meme is our daily fix, our dose of laughter and it’s something we all need every now and then (and today!).  After all, in this world where social media seems to be the next big thing, the internet has changed the way we communicate and interact with one another.

However much I can’t deny that when it comes to memes (or any form of entertainment) there are some people who take it too far.  There are instances where meme culture has caused many people to become insensitive jerks who will do anything just so they can get a couple of likes online.  

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