What is Direct message (DM)?

A DM is a private message that can only be seen by the sender and receiver. Users can send and receive DMs on most social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

DMs are different from regular messages because they require people to follow one another in order to send or receive them. When you sign up for a new account on any of these sites, the person must add the other person’s username to their contact list in order to see their messages.

Social media platforms use this setting in place of allowing anyone to send you messages, which might be confusing for some users when they first start using them! As long as both parties have each other on their contact lists, DMs won’t go away after 24 hours like regular messages.

When you want to send a message on social media, but don’t want it to be seen by everyone else the user can choose to send direct messages. Directs are sent within apps that connect people who follow one another. For example, if someone follows your profile on Instagram then you have access to their account and can send them a direct message until they block you or remove you from their following list. 

Basically, an open DM is just a private chat with anyone who’s not blocked instead of being limited to just being able to chat with those who follow you which is what makes an Insta open DM different from FB PM.

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