What is Crowdsourcing on Social Media?

Crowdsourcing is a new trend in the world of social media that has been gaining traction. It’s not just an idea anymore, it’s a job! There are many different crowdsourcing websites like DesignCrowd, Fluent, and Guru that allow you to post projects and find people who can help design them for you. Whether you’re looking for someone to design your logo or search for a photographer to create your next advertisement, crowdsourcing gives you access to the whole world in order to get what you need.

5 benefits of crowdsourcing on social media

The best of the best

At crowdsourcing websites, you can wait for your submission to be reviewed and approved or give a “premium” option with guaranteed submissions from specific providers. This guarantees that those who work on your project are highly qualified and will provide exactly what you need.


Crowdsourcing on social media works for anyone, anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about scheduling with crowdsourcers because they work at their own pace and convenience.

International workforce

Social media has no borders, which makes it great for hiring an international workforce. Crowdsourced projects are often posted in English but can be translated into any language if needed!


This is not your grandma’s outsourcing website! The internet provides access to individuals of all kinds who offer a wide range of talents – you never know what you may find!


There are professionals right at your fingertips that are ready to create logos, banners, presentations texts, advertisements…the possibilities are absolutely endless!

The future of crowdsourcing on social media

Crowdsourcing isn’t just a trend anymore. It’s the future, and it’s only going to get bigger. As more entrepreneurs are looking for cheaper ways to get projects done, the market is filling up with people who are here to help.

This also means that you have far less competition when it comes to offering your own services too! If crowdsourcing was successful in the past few years, imagine what it will be like in the next five or six years. The possibilities are endless!

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