What is Cross-channel?

Social Media has been around for just over a decade now. It’s become such an integral part of our lives that we can’t imagine what it would be like to live without all the information and entertainment available at the touch of a button on our phones.

But as with any new invention, there are always those who see its potential first and those who come along later to exploit it – often with less than honorable intentions.

Today we will talk about cross-channel marketing in Social Media, which is used by many brands to create more effective campaigns by using different channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter) simultaneously or consecutively for one campaign instead of focusing on just one channel alone.

What is Cross-channel?

Cross-channel in Social Media is the use of social media channels for marketing purposes. You might have seen different brands on various platforms, but they are all managed by the same team with the same style and look. Cross-channel marketing is meant to be more effective than one channel alone because you are reaching out to your target audience no matter where they are or what their preferences are.

Key elements of cross-channel:

  • Consistent brand identity across all channels
  • Relevant content (from platform to platform)
  • Continual promotion of product/service 
  • A team that can handle multiple assets for one campaign
  • Cross-platform analytics to assure successful strategy

Using cross-channel in Social Media allows many brands to become more current and progressive with their strategies. It also means that consumers spend less time looking for information because it’s readily available for them on whichever platform they go to first, making it easier for them to make purchase decisions (accordingly).

That being said, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the concept. Some believe that cross-channel is simply marketing on multiple channels at once, or marketing on one channel with content meant for another channel.

However, true cross-channel in Social Media means having a consistent brand identity across all social media platforms and constantly promoting your product/service through the most relevant channel considering location, topic interests, demographics, etc. This way you can use different approaches to satisfy your audience no matter where they are online at the moment.

True cross-channel in Social Media requires constant research about what works best in each social media platform but this constantly evolving strategy will result in more effective campaigns compared to a mere repetition of generic posts that may be missed by users or ignored altogether depending on their preferences and interests.

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