What is Brand Advocate?

A brand advocate is someone who has an opinion about a certain product or service. They are usually customers of that company, but they can also be individuals in the marketing department themselves.

A brand advocate will go to social media or write reviews on their blog to share their thoughts with others. The goal of this type of marketing is for the customer to feel like they can trust and rely on these people because they have already tried out the product and know what it’s like.

This form of word-of-mouth marketing is becoming more popular as it helps reduce expenses by not having to advertise through traditional means (like television commercials).

People who become advocates for brands are often enthusiastic about them, which makes them easier to influence than most other customers.

There are two main types of brand advocates: super fans and mavens. These are the people that drive business for a company, but it is important to understand their motivations first in order to utilize their strengths effectively.

Super Fans are probably the most beneficial type of brand advocate because they use social media more often compared to other groups. They are very passionate about their favorite brands, so they have no problem telling everyone what they think on Facebook or Twitter. It is important for companies to interact with these customers because these interactions can help build trust among consumers who engage with them through social media. When someone leaves a positive comment on one of your posts, be sure to thank them personally!   

Mavens are the other type of brand advocate. They are much different than super fans because they have a wide network of people that they can influence. These could be their family members or friends in their social circle. If these individuals ever need to buy something related to what this maven recommends, then they will probably check to see if it’s right for them too!

Instead of just being satisfied with one purchase, mavens are always looking for another chance to recommend products to others. Since they are constantly pushing out messages about brands, companies need to make sure that their marketing messages match up perfectly with whatever this customer is saying to ensure they don’t send mixed messages.

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