What is Algorithm?

The algorithm is what decides which posts or content appear on your feed. It is a computer system that analyzes the content and ranks it based on the factors you’ve chosen, such as engagement or relevance to your preferences. The algorithms are designed to show you the most relevant content and give you a personalized experience.

What is Algorithm?

What Factors Does Algorithm in Social Media Include?

The major factors that impact the social media algorithm include:

  • Engagement & Relevance: A post’s engagement and relevance will have a huge impact on how far up your feed appears, as well as how many times you see it. On Facebook, the more people click on a link or share a post, the higher it’s ranked.
  • Recency: The most recent posts are generally the best performing.  So, if you’re often scrolling through your feed and see the same posts multiple times, it’s because they’re new content that people are still engaging with.
  • Authority: If someone has a large following or their posts receive more engagement than most others on the platform (up to your engagement preferences), their posts will be ranked higher.
  • Relationship: If you’re connected to the person who posted the content, it will be ranked higher than posts from brands or publishers.
  • Interest: If someone has shared posts in your past that resonate with your interests and preferences, when they share new posts on similar topics, these will also appear in your feed.
  • Following/Friending: If you frequently like, comment on, or share content from that person, her posts will also appear in your feed automatically.
  • Popularity: This is a broad term that can include both the number of likes and views a post receives and how many people have chosen to follow that person.
  • Hashtags: If you’re using hashtags in your posts, those with the most engagement will appear first in search results.  However, it can be difficult to reach anyone who isn’t already following you on social media via hashtags.

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