What is a Text File?

Text files are a type of document with no formatting-such as bold, italics, or headings-just character text. A text file is used to keep both standard and structured textual data as well as readable textual information.

This markup standard relates to text formatting and is defined in a variety of formats, including the most popular ASCII for cross-platform compatibility, as well as ANSI for Windows-based operating systems. It lacks features such as text alignment, italic text, and font styles.

They’re most often created with a word processing program or by using the “Save As” feature in your web browser. When you save an HTML document, for example, it automatically saves with the extension “.htm.” If you’re downloading a plain text email message that has no attachments then it will have the extension “.txt.”

They can be opened on any computer and read without needing any special software. This is because they contain only characters and not images or other types of data like video or audio files do.

Text files are also easier to transport over networks than other file formats – a big reason why they were so popular back in the days of bulletin board systems and dial-up internet.

Text files are still commonly used today, especially for exchanging information between different computer systems. For example, many websites use a text file called “robots.txt” to tell search engines what pages on their site should not be indexed. And many developers use plain text files to store configuration information for their applications.

So if you need to create a document without any special formatting or you just want to save something quick and easy for later, a text file is the way to go!

To open a text file, you need a text editor. A text editor is a program that lets you read and write text files.

Windows comes with a basic text editor called notepad, and there are also plenty of free and paid text editors available online. If you’re using a Mac, the default text editor is TextEdit. And if you’re using Linux, there are a number of different text editors to choose from, including gedit, kate, and vim.

So now you know what a text file is and how to open and edit them! Next time you need to save some information without any special formatting, give a text file a try. 🙂

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