What is a Facebook Boosted Post?

Facebook is not just a social networking website. It has become one of the world’s most powerful marketing tools, with more than two billion monthly active users. And now Facebook is rolling out boosted posts to help you reach even more people with your content.

Boosted posts are an inexpensive way to get in front of new audiences and promote your business or blog post on Facebook without paying for ads—boosted posts appear in newsfeeds, regardless of whether followers have been tagged or not. Boosted posts start at $1 per day and go up from there depending on how many people you need to reach. What’s more, Facebook is rolling out boosted posts to all users worldwide.

Boosted posts are helpful because it gives your company the opportunity to show up in feeds, even if only a small percentage of fans see it—and save you from having to pay for someone else’s audience. It lets individuals and businesses reach out to their audiences in a matter of minutes.

Boosted posts are an easy way for you to spread the word about your company’s products and services, whether it is something small like hosting an event or large like launching a new product line. It can help grow your presence on Facebook, which then results in more likes, comments, shares, and social proof that helps build trust with consumers.

So if you don’t want to pay for ads but still want people to see what you’re promoting on Facebook, boosted posts is the way to go! And soon boosted posts will be available for everyone—so keep your eyes peeled. That means no matter where you live or how many fans follow your page, you’ll be able to boost content pretty soon.

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