What are Impressions?

Impressions are a social media statistic that measures how many times your content has been seen by users.

What are Impressions?

Types of impressions

Impressions are used to measure content views on social media platforms. This can include how many times your blog’s post has been visited, liked, shared, or commented on.

The number of “impressions” will depend on the social network you’re using and how it calculates this metric. For example, Facebook counts an impression when the number of times your content was displayed. However, Twitter counts an impression when a person sees any part of your tweet in their timeline

There are two types of impressions: organic and paid.

What are organic impressions?

Organic impressions occur when your content is visible in the newsfeed or timeline of a user’s account. Users can see your post by scrolling through their feed, but they must be logged onto their social media account to do so. If users don’t scroll past your content, it won’t have any organic impressions because it didn’t reach them.  

What are paid impressions?

Paid impressions are achieved when you pay for promotion on Facebook or Instagram. This means that ads will appear when users scroll through their feed. As long as the ad appears in the newsfeed, it will count towards an impression regardless of whether it’s clicked or not.  If you are just starting out it is recommended to start with Facebook ads for cheaper ad spending.

How do impressions relate to engagement?

Engagement can be defined by how many times users have interacted with your content through likes, comments, shares, etc.   If a user interacts with your post, they are more likely to engage in future posts of yours since they enjoyed the last one they saw. This will increase future impressions of your content because new users see your old posts when scrolling through their newsfeeds.

The number of organic impressions you receive on each post is closely related to the amount of engagement you get from that post within the first 24 hours after posting. Most social media managers prefer to achieve a high volume of organic impressions than high engagement.

Since the number of users that see your content will directly affect the number of people who can engage with it, they believe that increasing their total volume is the best way to improve upon their efforts.

How do I check my Impressions?

To find out how many organic or paid impressions you’ve received on social media posts, go to your Facebook/Twitter analytics page. From there, you can view all statistics related to any post across various time periods. To find impression data for specific posts, click on “Posts” in the top navigation bar and select the desired post from the drop-down menu.

Another option is to go into your Facebook Ads Manager  and click on “Insights.” From there, select “Posts” from the left navigation bar. On this page are all of your posts with various data points including organic impressions.

To find out for Instagram, open up your Instagram profile and view your most recent post. Below the image is a number representing how many people have seen the image.

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