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Convert Text Cases Online

This is an online tool that converts between different text cases, such as upper case and lower case. It’s great for checking your work or if you’re using mixed case in some type of document.

The Online Case Converter makes it easy to convert between different cases with just a few clicks! Once you enter the text into the box on this website, click Convert To UPPER CASE or Convert To Lower Case to see how your words have changed.

This is helpful when proofreading documents before publishing them online or in print because it catches errors like missing letters and mismatched capitalization. You can also use this tool to quickly change all of the characters in a sentence from one type of formatting to another so they match each

What is a Text Case?

Text case is the way in which a word or phrase is written. There are different types of text cases, and each has a different purpose.

When you take the time to double-check that you’ve used all of your text cases correctly, it shows that you care about the quality of your writing.

Text case is a simple thing; but when we make mistakes in our text case, we look very unprofessional and lazy. So taking time to learn and use proper text case will help you speak and write better English (which is the international language and spread around the world.)

The three most common types of text case are:

  1. UPPERCASE: UPPERCASE text is used for emphasis or to indicate a title or name. When you want to place emphasis on a word or phrase, using UPPERCASE text can help to get your point across. UPPERCASE text is also commonly used in titles and headings to make them stand out.
  2. lowercase: the lowercase text is used for regular body text. Lowercase text is the most common type of text, and it is used for regular body text. This type of text is easy to read and looks neat on the page.
  3. Title Case: Title Case is used to identify the start of a sentence, or to indicate the name of work. This type of capitalization helps to emphasize keywords and makes them stand out from the rest of the text.

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