Social Media Statistics

Social media is so popular today. There are many different social media sites to choose from, but the most popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Let’s dive into statistics and facts about social media.

There are many reasons that someone would want to use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter including keeping in touch with friends from far away, staying informed on current events happening around the world, seeing pictures their family members have taken while traveling abroad, etc.

Social Media Statistics

There are also benefits such as being able to share your thoughts with others and receive constructive criticism which you can use to improve your work and ideas.

How Many People Are Using Social Media?

You will be amazed to know that social media usage is growing and it’s just because people love staying connected with their loved ones, their friends, and family.

3.2 billion people around the world are using at least one kind of social media platform, which means that if you’re not on Facebook or Instagram, then there’s something wrong with you!

The top countries by population size average 30% more Facebook users than the second-ranked country, and India has more than 200 million Facebook users.

What is the Biggest Social Media Platform?

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 2 billion users and counting. With one out of three people on earth currently using Facebook, it has been dominating this market for a decade now!

This statistic is very interesting because it shows that about 11% percent of the world’s population uses Facebook monthly and this is not even counting the people who use Facebook through their mobile phones which brings up the percentage.

While Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Whatsapp also make up huge parts of today’s digital landscape-what will tomorrow bring?

Who is Using Social Media?

It’s interesting to see which countries use social media the most and it turns out that some of these can surprise you. For instance, many people don’t know about the United Arab Emirates high rate of social media usage with an estimated 99% penetration! As well as this island nation has one of the highest rates around the Asia Pacific region at 89%. Saint Kitts-Nevis comes next at 85%, while South Korea rounds off our top 5 list at 85%.

The Philippines is the world champion when it comes to social media usage rates. A daily average of three hours and 57 minutes are spent on these sites, according to Global Digital Report 2018. The Filipinos have no rivals in terms of online time invested per day- they rank highest among populations worldwide by far!

Effect of Social Media Marketing

There are a few things you need to understand when it comes to increasing brand recognition or selling via social media.

  • According to a study by Ambassador, 75% of customers who have a positive social media service experience with a business are most likely to promote it.
  • According to PWC, consumer purchases are influenced by social media. With 37% of consumers finding purchasing inspiration on the site, it is said to be the most important source of inspiration for consumer purchases.
  • Consumers said they’d be more likely to buy a product from a brand’s social media if they saw user-generated content, with over 50% of respondents indicating that such content would increase the likelihood of doing so.

Issues on Social Media

Invading of Privacy

People post personal information about their lives online, such as what they did over the weekend or what they are doing that day, without realizing who might be able to see these posts.

When you post something on social media it’s not just your friends who will read it, but anyone who has access to the page/account including teachers, parents, relatives, ex-partners, etc.

Some people don’t realize how much damage this can do when it reaches the wrong person so they should take more precautions when writing things for everyone to see.

For example, something as simple as “Jim and I went out again last night. We had so much fun” could be seen as a violation of Jim’s privacy if his status gets read by his wife or girlfriend.

Online Bullying

Another problem is that people can bully each other online. When someone uses social media they have to prove their identity with a photo, real name, and location which means anyone can find you and say anything they want about you without fear of being caught. It’s not funny when people makeup stories or post embarrassing pictures of a person just to laugh at them because it will stay online forever and will never go away.

Sometimes, people take things too far by using personal information to hack into accounts and stealing photos which have caused no end to bullying problems today.

People should try to find the right balance in how much time they spend on social media sites. You don’t want to go overboard and miss out on the real things happening around you which you could be enjoying in person! It’s also a good idea to think twice before posting anything online because it will stay there forever and may cause problems in the future.

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