Common TikTok Terms and Slang

What word do you associate with the social media platform TikTok? Is it a place where you can find dance tutorials, makeup tips, and everything in between? Well if so, then you’re not alone. In fact, one of the most popular features of this app is the various filters that can be used to spice up your video. So what are some common slang words found on TikTok? Here are some key terms you need to know:

Common TikTok Terms and Slang
  • Filters: There’s a filter for every occasion – from neon lights to rainbows and more!
  • Heart: This is a way to “like” or show appreciation for something. The more hearts an account gets, the more popular it will become.
  • Follow: This means that you would like to see this person’s posts on your home page. If you don’t want to follow someone anymore, swipe left on their post and you won’t see their content anymore.
  • Comment: This is something you can do on videos or for live stories. You can leave a comment on someone’s video if you want to start some drama or insult their content.
  • Swipe Up: It is a gesture on mobile to browse the next video.
  • Shook: Feeling surprised or scared by something new or unexpected
  • Tay: This means okay. It’s similar to saying “alright” or “yup.”
  • Reaching For 1M: This is when an account reaches its goal of gaining one million fans, which you can view on the explore page.
  • Drama: When someone posts a video and causes an argument about something specific in it. The person who does this is known as the drama starter.
  • “Not my President”: This phrase was popularized by Trump supporters and basically means that Trump shouldn’t be running the country because he wasn’t voted into office.
  • CEO of: When someone is called the CEO of something, it implies that they are without a doubt the greatest at that stuff.
  • Duet: A duet is when two users make a video together, showing off their skills and often praising each other.
  • Shade: This means that one person is being highly critical of another person in their comments on the original account’s videos or live stories.
  • Storytime: This is when one user tells a story about something that happened to them, often an embarrassing moment.
  • Check: It essentially means “check this out.”
  • Day 1: This means that someone is marking a new beginning.

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