Are Social Media Ads Effective?

Social media is a great marketing tool because it allows you to reach a large audience with minimal resources. It’s also a great way to engage your customers, and share content without having to worry about the cost of traditional advertising. Let’s explore some other reasons why social media ads can be very effective!

5 Reasons Why Social Media Ads Are Effective

Social Media Ads are an effective marketing strategy for many different reasons.

Are social media ads effective? If so, why?

Yes! Social media is a great way to reach and engage your audience at a very reasonable cost. It’s also an easy and cheap way to get started with advertising. Let’s explore some other reasons why social media ads can be very effective.


Are you trying to sell widgets in Poughkeepsie or advertise the opening of your newest location in Hollywood? You can target your demographic very specifically when using social media which increases the likelihood that they will see your ad and give it their attention… especially with Facebook ads where you can target by age, location, gender, etc.

With targeting options like age, gender, location, demographics etc you can look into exactly who your audience is. This can determine whether or not they will even see your ad in their newsfeeds which reduces costs since you won’t have to pay for advertisements that would’ve been a waste of money.

It’s Cheap

Getting started with social media ads is super cheap! For example, one of our clients used Facebook to advertise their new location opening in Omaha and the ad only cost them $10/day for 9 days. That’s a ridiculously low amount compared to what it would’ve cost using traditional advertising like newspapers or billboards which are an obsolete form of marketing today.


You can’t deny that people love engaging with pictures more than anything else these days. With features on Instagram like ‘stories’ and ‘shoppable posts,’ it’s becoming more common for people to actually shop off of their feeds instead of clicking the link and going to the product/service’s website.

For example, you can create an ad for your new products and put a picture of it as well as a link to purchase it on Instagram and people will actually buy it from there!

Shareable Content

People love sharing pictures so if you’re able to catch their eye with good-looking graphics they’ll share the content themselves and then their friends will see it and might click on the ad too (which can help increase conversions).


Social media is such a great marketing tool that we encourage our clients to combine them with other forms of advertising like online ads, print advertisements etc. It’s inexpensive enough that even if you start off by only putting out social media ads you’ll still be able to build brand awareness around your product/service/company.

But if you want to increase your chances of people buying from you then you should definitely follow up your social media ads with online ads or any other form of advertising that works for you!

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